Membership vs. Franchise

Which Business Model is Right for You?

1. To receive professional help in starting your own companion home care business, how much would you like to pay?
(a) $35,000 or more
(b) $599.00 per month* (annual contract required)

2. What would you rather give up?
(a) 6% or more of your gross
(b) 0% of gross

3. Which would you rather be?
(a) A subordinate manager
(b) The decision maker

4. What should the primary influence be when making an important business decision?
(a) How it will benefit the corporate office
(b) How it will benefit your business

5. You created a bold marketing initiative specific to your business location and customer base that you feel will increase revenue. Who should decide if you can implement it?
(a) The corporate office
(b) You

6. You receive an inquiry from a potential customer located just outside of your designated territory, but who you could easily serve. What do you do?
(a) Refer them to another [competing] franchisee because your contract forbids servicing their location
(b) Offer a caregiver who is immediately available to service their needs

7. Your business has been steadily growing and your revenue stream continues to increase. What do you want to do?
(a) Keep making compulsory royalty payments to corporate, which are based on a fixed percentage of gross revenue and increase as your business grows
(b) Decide if you want to continue making the small fixed monthly payment to the organization you are associated with, where membership is optional (1st year contract commitment required)

8. You become aware that to remain competitive, you will need to offer your customer base a choice of several business models. What do you do?
(a) Nothing. Your franchise agreement forbids you from offering customers any payment options other than what corporate has taught you, because that's what is best for corporate
(b) You offer your customers the option that makes smart business sense, within the limits of the law in your state

9. Your business is booming and you just have received a generous offer from an investor who would like to purchase it. How do you respond?
(a) You will have to have any offer reviewed and approved by corporate
(b) You will consult with your family and decide for yourself

If you answered (b) to the above questions, chances are that the franchise model is not right for you. Please carefully read our website so we can demonstrate why Companion Connection Senior Care is the right choice and how it can help you start and grow a profitable non-medical home care business.