One of the most important aspects of learning the non-medical home care business is the training you receive. At Companion Connection Senior Care, we have created a comprehensive five-week interactive home study training curriculum designed to maximize your classroom time and interaction with your instructors and other members, to ensure that you receive an intensive and well-rounded education in the fundamentals of operating your business.

Our training classes are small and personalized so that you receive the attention you need and deserve. Teaching any subject properly in a short period of time is challenging. That is why you should rely on an organization with over 60 years of combined front lines experience to teach you. After all, don't you deserve to learn from people who are experts at doing the same tasks you will need to master in order to run a successful business? In order to give our classes balance and to provide you with diverse views from across the industry, we have partnered with renowned industry specialists to share their knowledge with you.

Our training classes cover all the underlying principles of developing, operating and growing a successful non-medical home care business.

Some of the topics that we cover include:


We provide you with an overview of the business and what it entails, and then cover every detail of running the business on a day-to-day basis. Some topics covered include; what services you can provide and how to provide them, the client intake process, interviewing and hiring caregivers, how to provide relief for your caregivers, operational procedures such as invoicing, time card procedures and managing your caseload, servicing clients, understanding the different forms and how to use them, conflict resolution, crisis management and more.



The sessions on marketing teach you basic and advanced procedures for marketing your services effectively within your community. We focus on tactics and techniques that require minimal capital expenditure and which produce proven results. We also explain the pros and cons of the various business models available to you and how to select the appropriate one based on your specific location. Some topics covered include; competitive analysis and how to establish your rates for services, selecting a business model, working with case managers, performing in-services, building a referral base, performing in-home assessments, using data to track your business, thinking outside the box, supercharging your agency and more.



One primary aspect of the business that differs from location to location is how and where to recruit your agency's biggest asset - your staff of caregivers! That is why we have partnered with a recognized leader in the field of recruitment. We provide you with a national aspect to one of the most difficult tasks in the field on home care - recruiting and retaining quality caregivers. Whether you are located in an urban or rural location, or somewhere in between, we can show you effective methods for developing a loyal and caring staff so that you can provide quality services to your clients.


Family Caregiver Training

We offer an exclusive online caregiver training service that contains over 500 hours of caregiver training with instant access via the web. Members also have access to the family caregiver education series. You will find the family caregiver education series training programs a great outreach for family caregivers in your community. Home care is often a collaborative effort between families and paid caregivers, and these courses are designed for families caring for loved ones at home. Once you sign up for the program you will be able to offer these courses to your clients and prospective clients complimentarily.


Staff Caregiver Training

Once your custom caregiver site is established, you will have unlimited access to the training programs. Your custom site will enable you to assign training to your caregivers and provide them with certificates of completion. You will have full access to your caregivers' training activities for accurate record keeping.