Why We're Different

Here's what makes Companion Connection's Home Care Business Start Up Plans and Programs stand out from the rest.

Choice | Freedom | Protection | Opportunity | Experience

If you are seriously considering starting your own non-medical companion home care business - via the purchase of a successful business model - you will undoubtedly do your homework and shop around for the one that gives you the greatest opportunity to succeed. Why wouldn't you?

For most people, the decision to make a career change - or for that matter, a life change - is one filled with conflicting emotions. On the one hand, there is elation at the thought of doing something you love, being your own boss, helping others, and benefiting financially from your success. On the other hand, there is apprehension about undertaking something new and facing unforeseeable hurdles.

Your choice of which business opportunity to purchase will be the most important one you make and your success and future happiness will be directly linked to it. That's why Companion Connection Senior Care is committed to providing you with the tools, the training and the insight that will give you the greatest chance to succeed.

While most of the options you are researching, such as franchises, will enable you to obtain some degree of success, we believe that our unparalleled experience and insight into the field of home care, combined with our personalized and flexible approach, make us the best option for you.

The expression "one size fits all" may apply in some areas of the business world, but not in the field of home care. Other business opportunities currently being offered, like franchises, make you run your business their way. Even if it means teaching you something that is not in the best interests of you or your clients. But why purchase a rigid business model that can't adapt to change?

:: Choice

At Companion Connection Senior Care, we will give you the tools and the training so you can offer your customers the service that fits their needs - not the needs of the corporate office. We teach you all the different business models, so you can choose the appropriate one to meet the specific needs of your clients. That's choice.

:: Freedom

We understand that many people want to be free to run their business on their own, on their terms, without any long-term commitment - such as franchise ownership. That's why Companion Connection Senior Care is dedicated to providing the best level of training and support without a long-term -or short-term- commitment from you. But once we prove to you the value and benefits of membership we think the decision to join will be an easy one. That's freedom.

:: Protection

All franchises say they will protect your territory. But what kind of protection are you really getting? Are you aware that you won't be able to market your services outside of your territory? That calls from potential clients living outside of your territory must be referred to competing franchisees? If you're like most people, you don't like to give away business. So why should you have to limit your potential customer base? Territory protection doesn't have to mean limiting opportunity and growth. At Companion Connection Senior Care, we encourage members to think big and to be rewarded for their efforts. We guarantee that we won't sell another membership in your territory, leaving you free to sell your services wherever you want. That's protection.

:: Opportunity

The idiom "you get out of it what you put into it" is particularly applicable to running your own business. Some Members will be content to carve out a comfortable niche that suits their schedule and their lifestyle, while others will burn the midnight oil and reach for the stars. Companion Connection Senior Care doesn't impose quotas or glass ceilings which restrict your growth and we won't penalize you for growing your revenue base with ever increasing royalty fees. That's opportunity.

:: Experience

Many of our competitors talk about their years of business experience and how it's going to help you to start and successfully run your own home care company. But what kind of experience are they really talking about; sales, marketing, investment banking? They may be good at packaging ideas and selling them, but how does that help you? We have the hands-on experience that will get you through the good times and the bad. For the last 30+ years we have been in the trenches running and growing our own home healthcare company. We've answered the phone and taken inquiries, interviewed and placed caregivers, built up our client base, sent out letters, visited hospitals, rehab centers, churches and other referral sources, handled emergencies, and been on-call evenings and weekends. We know what works and what doesn't. That's experience.