Ingrid Beket

Member Relations Manager

Ingrid Beket joined Expert Home Care (company owned unit) in 1998 in a part-time administrative capacity. Well, that didn''t last long. After just two short weeks, we asked her to come on board full time which she happily accepted. Her diverse experience of over 20 years in management and customer relations in various industries from retail to interstate trucking and working in family owned businesses, all while running a household and raising two sons, have provided her with a wealth of skills and attributes suitable for the home care industry. Ingrid has worn many hats over the years including everyday supervising and overseeing many other integral aspects of the business from billing and collections to recruitment and retention of staff. Setting up cases and dealing with families is like a Chess game, meaning you always have to be thinking ahead. Ingrid is incredibly resourceful, smart, has tons of common sense, is a good communicator, effective at empathizing and can close the deal. Her 15 years of experience on the "front-lines" of home care have made her an incredible asset to the member support team at Companion Connection Senior Care.