Want A Home Based Business? Start A Home Care Agency!

by David Goodman
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Looking to start a business out of your home?  Without feeling like you’re being stuck all day in your basement with only your dog to talk to?  While at the same time having the potential to make a very good living?  Starting a non-medical home care agency for seniors is one business that fits the bill.  In fact, some of our members who opened home care agencies from their homes just a few years ago are now generating annual revenues of more than $1 million (and, at least in some cases, still working from home.) 

Non medical home care businesses provide companionship and more to mostly the elderly and fragile and helping them with their Activities of Daily Living (grooming, bathing, toileting, housekeeping, feeding).  The consumer demand for such services is huge, with people living longer and family members often unable to provide this kind of service because of their own work and family commitments and/or the distance they live away from infirm relatives.  The numbers will only increase in the years ahead. 

Franchise-like membership organizations in the home care industry started about 10 years ago as a way to give entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools and support they need to operate a home care agency – at a fraction of what it costs to purchase a franchise.  Since there were – and still are – no McDonald’s or Jiffy Lubes in home care franchise world, well-known national brand names that offer strong name recognition and credibility, the membership concept has become an extremely popular option for many fledgling home care operators. 

To keep operating expenses to a minimum, many of these new home care owners choose to start their business in their homes.  This is what one very successful home care owner in Connecticut did when he first opened his business several years ago, using a local Starbucks to interview prospective caregivers.  Once his infrastructure was firmly in place, he marketed his services to families and referral sources, holding his meetings in their homes or places of business.  No one cared that his office was in a spare bedroom (with pink curtains). Two years later, as his business grew and he felt compelled to add office staff, he moved to a nearby commercial building.   However, he still spends many mornings working from the one-time bedroom with the pink curtains.

Another successful business owner, based in Queens, New York, continues to maintain an office out of his home, with a part-time assistant coming to the house several hours a week to assist him with the scheduling of his 50 or so regular clients and caregivers.  Since most of his new clients now come in through word of mouth, and most of his caregivers have been with him for years, he finds that he doesn’t need more than a computer and phone to run his business. Keeping expenses down has allowed him to remain extremely profitable – and afford him a considerable amount of free time. 

“Most of my clients live within a 20-minute radius of my home, so I make it a point to visit them in their homes to see how things are going,” he said.  “This is not something that is expected, but it’s making the personal connection that I’ve found truly sets us apart.  Frankly, it’s also good for me.  I enjoy the people part of the business – I was a salesman before I opened my home care agency.  My home based business pretty much runs itself now, so if I didn’t have an excuse to get out and schmooze my clients, I could easily become a hermit spending most of my time hanging around the house.”  

So there you have it, several examples of real people who started their own home business in non medical home care.  For more information, please contact us or visit the following page:  Opportunity Overview