Services Offered By A Home Care Business? Priceless.

by David Goodman
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Thinking about whether starting a non medical home care business would be a good decision? If you’re undecided about the demand for the types of services provided by such an agency, all you need to do is talk to family members or friends. You will learn quickly how valuable these businesses are to their communities. 

Business Drivers of Non Medical Home Care

It seems likely that within any circle of family or friends there are individuals who have dealt with or are presently struggling with the problem of caring for elderly and infirm loved ones. It’s become nearly a universal issue - with people living longer and wanting to remain in their homes as long as possible. 

Adding to this is the fact that unlike in past generations, where family members typically lived nearby, today many adult children are “long distance caregivers” for their parents and other relatives, often living an hour or more away. This makes it extremely difficult for them to take on the role of primary caregiver. Others, who may live closer, face their own work and family issues and are often stretched too thin to help should mom or dad require more care while living at home.

This was not always the case.

“When I opened my home care business over 30 years ago, it was a totally different world out there,” said David Goodman, the president and founder of Companion Connection Senior Care, the leading membership organization in the non medical home care industry. “When people got too old to care for themselves, families typically had two choices: move their relative into their home or to a senior living facility. Today, in many cases, these are viewed as the options of last resort. Most elderly people want to stay as long as possible in their own homes and yet most family members struggle to find the kind of care that will allow them to do this.”

The Rise of Non Medical Home Care Franchises and Membership Organizations

That’s why, said Goodman, the non medical home care industry has boomed in recent years – and why magazines like Entrepreneur annually select it as one of the nation’s fastest growing industries.

“Following an event – the death of a spouse, a fall, a return from the hospital or rehab center – or a loved one’s more gradual physical or cognitive decline, adult children come to the realization that mom or dad needs someone at home with them, whether it’s for several hours three days a week or on a live-in basis,” said Goodman, whose organization provides entrepreneurs with the resources, tools and support they will need to operate a non medical home care agency. “This is when the need for a compassionate companion they can count on becomes essential.”

Services Provided By Home Care Agencies

Non medical home care agencies provide companionship for the elderly and help in their Activities of Daily Living (feeding, grooming, bathing, toileting, cleaning). In addition, from a business perspective it’s attractive because operating costs are low – as is the fee to join a membership organization – and profit margins high.

One owner of a home care agency said that when he opened his agency six years ago he had no idea of just how widespread the dilemma of finding good home care aides was. “I tell people who are considering going into the home care industry that if they’re over the age of 50 chances are that they already know several people who right now could use their services,” he said. “I find that between word-of-mouth and letting friends and family members know that I can provide them with help, I no longer have to spend much time or money marketing myself. The demand is so great that my non medical home care business pretty much sells itself.”  Click here to learn more about Companion Connection Senior Care and their low-cost franchise alternative business opportunity.