The Home Care Business: People Helping People

by David Goodman
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While people live longer today – the average life expectancy is nearly 80 today, compared to less than 70 in 1947 – many seniors face significant health challenges as they age. That’s why the demand for local home care businesses has grown so dramatically in recent years.

Many elderly people will require personal, non medical home care rather than medical home care. This typically includes providing assistance with bathing and grooming; light housekeeping and laundry; shopping and cooking; and transportation to doctors’ appointments. A home health aide business or companion caregiver agency can provide this kind of support.

So, what should you – the home care business owner – be prepared to help families with?

What kind of personal situations does a senior home care business provide its services?

Here are some scenarios that you will encounter as a home care business owner and will need to provide caregiver services for:

  • Seniors experiencing the beginning of cognitive problems. This is more than forgetting where they left the car keys. It may mean getting lost in the neighborhood they’ve lived in for years, or forgetting things they’ve just been told.
  • Seniors who are no longer being safe at home. Are they in jeopardy of falling? Is the oven being left on or the front door left open?
  • Seniors with signs of depression or anxiety. Do they seem down or are they experiencing anxiety? This can come after the death of a loved one or a change in their health status.
  • Seniors living in a disorganized home. This can be a sign that they no longer have the energy to clean or do laundry, or are too depressed to do much of anything.
  • Seniors losing weight or who have a lack of care about their appearance. This may indicate they can no longer care for themselves.

Many elderly people, even if they know something is not right, will fight against any changes in their lives. That’s why it’s often left to the family caregiver to make the first move. Your job as the home care business owner and operator is to promote your services to these families and ultimately deliver your services to their loved ones.

Starting and running a successful senior home care business offers many rewards. Though the financial returns can be significant, the fact that you are helping others to improve their lives is a big perk that draws many to this field. After all, the home care business is about people helping people.