David Goodman Radio Interview

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David Goodman, founder and president of Companion Connection Senior Care, North America’s largest membership organization in the non-medical home care industry, appears this Saturday, February 19 (7:30 – 8:00 a.m.) on The Boomer Financial Radio Network, which airs on WMTR-AM in New Jersey.

In his interview with host Frank Jaffe, Goodman discusses how while the economy may still be struggling – with unemployment high and home values continuing to drop – he believes now is actually a good time to start a business. He relates how his organization, which helps entrepreneurs start businesses in the companion and home care industry, has never been stronger.

"Many people are fed up with the loss of control they feel when working in corporate America," he tells Jaffe. "With many baby boomers having been downsized, know family or friends who have lost their jobs, or feel they are in jeopardy of having the ax fall on them, they want more control over their destiny. This is why starting businesses that have low start-up costs and are in growing industries like senior care have great appeal."

According to Goodman, this has resulted in people with myriad backgrounds - teachers, nurses, financial service professionals, salespeople - choosing to enter his membership organization in the last two years. The economy's unpredictability has convinced many people that going out on their own is no riskier than working for a company that faces the need to cut expenses.

"The economy can also work in favor of the new entrepreneur," he said. "Labor is cheaper with more people out of work and office space can often be leased below market rates because of its availability. If someone has a passion to try their own thing, now is as good a time as ever to do it."