Sandwich Generation - Dr. Sandra Haymon

Dr. Sandra Haymon, author of "Baby Boomers - Sandwiched Between Retirement and Caregiving", offers tips on how baby boomers can better care for aging parents.

Life with Pops - Dr. Janis Spring

Dr. Janis Spring speaks about her aging father in a personal book that addresses growing old and caring for an aging parent or partner.

Managing Caregiver Stress - Lola Bamigboye

Lola Bamigboye, an author, nurse and mental illness educator, talks about the stress that many family caregivers feel and how they can best cope with it.

Helping Dreams Come True - Bob Haverstick

Bob Haverstick, Founder of Never Too, allows dreams to come true for people in nursing homes, hospice care and adult day care facilities.

The Value of Pet Therapy for Seniors - Randie Blumhagen

Dog Trainer Randie Blumhagen discusses the importance of pet therapy for seniors and the chronically ill and how she and her dogs are making a difference in the lives of many who live at long term care facilities and hospices.

Hire a Pro or Do It Yourself?

One of the greatest dilemmas one has when it comes to caring for aging loved ones is to hire a live-in or home health aide or take care of the family member yourself. Author Connie Goldman offers her perspective.

The ABCs of Home Health Care - J.D. Miller

JD Miller, owner and operator of Home Care Partners in Massachusetts, explains the benefits of home care and how it remains the best value and most preferred option for many seniors.

Taking a Closer Look at Geriatric Assesment - Linda Bryant

Linda Bryant, director of the Hunterdon Center for Healthy Aging at Hunterdon Medical Center, discusses the geriatric assessment they offer to seniors and caring options.

Paying for Home Care - Bill Stanton

Bill Stanton, owner of non-medical home care agencies, discusses paying options and payment plans.

Caring Better for Aging Loved Ones - Dr. Marion Somers

Doctor Marion Somers, an elder care specialist and author of Elder Care Made Easier, offers her 10 step approach to improving the caregiving of a loved one.

Call for Help - Connie Rosenberg

Geriatric care manager Connie Rosenberg discusses those key issues that bring people to her asking for help.

Managing the Emotional Needs - Chez Wise

Chez Wise, an addiction counselor, discusses how her group now works with seniors who are having coping issues.

MindFit - Judy Kuchar

Judy Kuchar from Lester Senior Housing discusses the benefits of a new type of computer software that residents are using to exercise their brains.

Geriatric Care Manager - Mary Kay Krokowski

Mary Kay Krokowski discusses the services provides by geriatric care managers and how they can support families and their aging loved ones at times of crisis.

Generational Communications - Barbara Friesner

Barbara Friesner, author of the "Ultimate Caregiver's Survival Guide " and a generational coach, provides a look at the challenges and opportunities that exist for better communications between adult children and their aging parents.

Skills Training for Family Caregivers - Marion Karpinski

Marion Karpinski, a leading authority in caregiving education and training, offers important information on skills training for those caring for family members with chronic illnesses.

Web Technology Supports Elder Care - Janice Gallick

Janice Gallick explains the innovative CareCircle program she developed, the personal story behind it, and its use of technology to support the needs of the elderly and their caregivers.