Financial Planning

Paying the Bills

Craig Wolters, Owner of Wolters ElderCare Services, discusses how his unique business take care of the day-to-day business - e.g. paying bills - that removes the burden from seniors and their family caregivers.

Planning for Retirement - Howard Hook

Howard Hook, CPA and CFP with the wealth management firm of Access Wealth Planning, offers advice on how to maximize your assets to allow for a comfortable retirement.

Making Medication Affordable - Lisa Anzisi

Lisa Anzisi, a Clinical Pharmacist for Affinity Health Plan, discusses how medications can be made more affordable for seniors.

Social Security Claims - Dan Allsup

Dan Allsup explains how his company helps people file for and claim social security disability while cutting through the red tape.

Paying for Elderly Care - Howard Gleckman

Howard Gleckman, author of "Caring for our Parents", discusses his new book which includes helpful tips and suggestions on paying for medical care for yourself and your elderly loved ones.

Concerns for Seniors Selling Their Home - Tom Hollerbach

Selling a home is not easy these days under any circumstances, but for seniors looking to transition to a new living situation, the need to sell often intensifies. Tom Hollerbach of Golden Years Real Estate & Services weighs in on the issue.

Reverse Mortgages - Craig Phillips

Craig Phillips, co-founder of Senior Equity Financial in Boston, walks listeners through the intricacies and benefits of the reverse mortgage.

Financial Answers - Howard Hook

Financial planner Howard Hook offers some strategies for retirees in light of the bear market and economic recession.

Retirement Planning is Never Too Late - Deborah Walker

Deborah Walker, a financial planner, discusses the importance of retirement planning during a time when workplace pensions have virtually disappeared and people are living longer than ever before.