Low Vision Therapy - Elsa Zavoda

Occupational therapist Elsa Zavoda provides listeners with a look at the options that still exist for seniors who have low vision due to macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and other conditions.

Epilepsy and Seniors

Dr. Evan Fertig, co-director of The Epilepsy Center at Jersey City (NJ) Medical Center, speaks about epilepsy in seniors, including causes, diagnosis, and the latest available treatments.

Living with Diabetes

Dr. James Hellerman, Chief of Endocrinology at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx (NY), discusses the high incidence of diabetes among seniors and the more moderate nutritional program he advocates for them.

Sub-Acute Care - Bonnie Saunders

Bonnie Saunders, a physical therapist and Director of Rehabilitation at AristaCare, explains sub-acute care and how it supports the physical, mental and emotional needs of people following hospitalization for surgery or sickness.

Dangers of Polypharmacy - Fran Gatto

Fran Gatto, pharmacy manager at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, talks about the problems seniors have as a result of taking multiple medications and the ways to manage this reality more effectively.

The Value of Pet Therapy for Seniors - Randie Blumhagen

Dog Trainer Randie Blumhagen discusses the importance of pet therapy for seniors and the chronically ill and how she and her dogs are making a difference in the lives of many who live at long term care facilities and hospices.

Keeping the Mind and Body Young - Serena Collado

Serena Collado, Associate Director of the Senior Advantage in Life (SAIL) program at Somerset Medical Center in New Jersey, discusses how seniors can keep their minds and bodies young.

Managing the Onset of Deafness - Heather Kendall

Heather Kendall, Founder of ASL Advocates, talks about deafness in seniors, the coping problems faced by those who have lost their hearing over time, and some of the latest technologies that are now available to make their lives easier.

Senior GI Problems - Dr. Martin Zonca

Board certified gastroenterologist Dr. Martin Zonca, a GI specialist at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, explains medical problems like swallowing disorders and heartburn that often strike an older population.

Physical Therapy to Improve Function - Dr. Vinod Somareddy

Dr. Vinod Somareddy, owner of Reddy-Care Physical Therapy, provides an overview of physical therapy and how a physical therapist can increase strength and flexibility and promote wellness for seniors.

Preventing Falls - Melissa Giancola

Melissa Giancola discusses the products she sells from her online and retail store and how they are helping prevent falls among seniors.

Fighting Back Pain - Dr. Andrew Black

Dr. Andrew Black, a New York City chiropractor, talks about back pain and the treatments he offers to reduce and eliminate pain.

Hire a Pro or Do It Yourself?

One of the greatest dilemmas one has when it comes to caring for aging loved ones is to hire a live-in or home health aide or take care of the family member yourself. Author Connie Goldman offers her perspective.

Dealing with Low Vision

Dr. Bruce Rosenthal, an optometrist at Lighthouse International offers some of the latest information on his work with patients who suffer from low vision.

Transitions Lifestyle Coach

Mindy Scarlett explains the benefits from a health and wellness perspective in working with someone like herself, a transitions lifestyle coach.

The Memory Doctor

Dr. Arnold Bresky, who calls himself the "memory doctor," discusses the importance of preventative gerontology.

Dental Concerns - Dr. Eugene Stanislaus

Dr. Eugene Stanislaus, a Brooklyn dentist, explains how problems in the mouth will often be manifested throughout the body, and how it is critical that seniors maintain proper dental care throughout their lives.

Staying Fit - Dr. Elton Strauss

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Elton Strauss believes that seniors need to continue to be physically active throughout the lives, but also to understand the realities of "boomeritis" and the fact that there are differences between the bodies of a 70-year-old and a 30-year-old.

Vision Care - Debby Kogler

Optician Debby Kogler talks about her specialty in low vision and how new technology can help seniors adapt to age-related visual problems.

Rehabilitation After Stroke or Surgery - Dr. Jorge Mayoral

Dr. Jorge Mayoral, medical director of Liberty Rehabilitation Institute in northern New Jersey, discusses the holistic approach that is needed to get patients back to their highest quality of life.

A Unique Photo Diet Plan with Relevance to Seniors - Dr. Stephen Butler

Family physician Dr. Stephen Butler, founder of, discusses the benefits to seniors of his new diet that follows the adage that a picture tells a thousand words.

Fitness for Life - Sal Fichera

Exercise physiologist Sal Fichera discusses his book Stop Aging - Start Training and how it can keep seniors looking and feeling younger.

Stopping Osteoporosis - Gene Ladd

Gene Ladd, the author of Bless My Bones, takes a contrarian view when it comes to preventing bone breaks from osteoporosis.

Mind Stimulation - Dr. Majid Fotuhi

Neurologist Dr. Majid Fotuhi, director of the Center for Balance, Dizziness and Vertigo and author of The Memory Cure: How to Protect Your Brain Against Memory Loss, discusses ways to keep the brain young.

Call for Help - Dr. Jason Theodosakis

Dr. Jason Theodosakis, practicing physician and author of The New York Times' best seller The Arthritis Cure, explains how arthritis can be cured through exercise, diet and the use of supplements.

Vision Problems in Aging - Dr. Samir Shah

Dr. Samir Shah, a board certified ophthalmologist at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, discusses two key vision concerns among seniors: cataracts and macular degeneration.

Dental Implants - Dr. Andrew Spector

Dr. Andrew Spector discusses the use of dental implants and other options to replace missing teeth.

Staying in Shape - Edison Au

Physical therapist and strength coach Edison Au offers some practical tips on how seniors can get in good physical shape.