Hospice Care - Jill Beach

Jill Beach, national director of media relations for Vitas Innovative Hospice Care, talks about the importance of "aging in place" for individuals during their last months of life.

Hospice Care in the Nursing Home - Sally Ali

Sally Ali of the Martin and Edith Stein Hospice explains how end-of-life services work in nursing homes.

Spiritual Therapy During End of Life - Anne Boyle

Anne Boyle of the Hunterdon Hospice discusses how non-sectarian spiritual care is becoming increasingly important for hospice patients.

The Facts About Hospice - Don Pendley

Don Pendley, president of the New Jersey Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, dispels many of the misconceptions about hospices.

What You Need to Know About Hospice and Palliative Care - Pat Agius

Pat Agius, an executive with the Visiting Nurses Association, discusses the components, differences, recent changes and key points that families should know when it comes to end-of-life and pain reduction care.