Mental Illness

Working With Dementia Patients - Linda Boileau

Linda Boileau, co-owner of a non-medical care agency in Pennsylvania, discusses the trials and tribulations of dealing with dementia patients in the home.

The Memory Doctor

Dr. Arnold Bresky, who calls himself the "memory doctor," discusses the importance of preventative gerontology.

Mild Cognitive Impairment - Dr. Karen Roberto

Dr. Karen Roberto, a member of the faculty at Virginia Tech and professor and director of the Center of Gerontology in Blacksburg, Virginia, discusses Mild Cognitive Impairment, or MCI, and how loved ones can best handle it to allow the individual to live as independently as possible.

Dark Holidays - Dr. Doree-Ann Espiritu

Dr. Doree-Ann Espiritu explains why the holidays are a difficult time for many seniors and what loved one can do to spot depression and find help.

Mental Illness in Seniors - Dr. Jack Dang

Psychiatrist Dr. Jack Dang speaks about the reasons behind the large incidence of depression, anxiety, cognitive disorders and other behavioral problems among seniors, and how they can be treated.