Written Testimonials

Here is what some of our members had to say about our organization.

In 2005 my husband and I had to make a critical decision about our financial future. We lost a significant amount of money during the stock market crash and were starting to put our financial life back in shape but knew we needed to be prepared for another drop in the market. We made a decision to start a business our target was changing each week as we looked for something that would be rewarding in both a professional and financial way.

Just by chance and unfortunately my mother suffered an illness that would require care at home something we knew nothing about. Our education on home care was a crash course in everything that could go wrong did go wrong. We had no idea what we really needed and relied on the home care companies to help us with the care plan that didn’t always work very well.

That’s when we started to come up with ways to improve the service that we became very passionate about and eventually lead us to wanting to start our own home care business. After 6 months of talking to the top 6 home care franchise companies and attending several meeting at their locations we realized they were basically all the same with the same message, they were going to make us successful which is completely wrong only you can make yourself a winner.

Yes you need the right type of support and it helps to talk to people that are successful and that’s what David Goodman has done for us. His company, Companion Connection provided us every level of support needed to become successful.

I started with a notebook, Ballpoint pen, one desk and David’s support. 10 years latter I have one of the most successful home care companies in South Jersey and those franchise’s we interviewed with don’t do haft as much as I do in billing per month.

Companion Connection provides you with all the tools and support needed to be successful and with David Goodman providing the leadership you will be successful, if he can convert a stay at home mom into a home care executive with a million dollar business he can also do it for you.

Thank you David,
Mariela Vila Mc Carrie

My husband and I began researching for a year before we made a decision of who we wanted to partner with in the Non-Medical Home Care Industry.  Having over two decades in the healthcare industry ourselves, we were diligent in researching all of the different franchise opportunities in our market.  We found the home care franchise model to be too restrictive and controlling without a strong entrepreneurial spirit.  We felt we would be reporting to just another boss and parent company without becoming the independent business owners that we were interested in becoming.

When we discovered Companion Connection Senior Care, we knew we found our Partner, or better stated, our Mentor, in the Home Care Industry.  Companion Connection Senior Care met our needs in having a protected territory, an entrepreneurial business model, and most importantly, learning from the expertise of a team of high integrity and compassionate professionals who have been operating their own Home Care Agencies for over 25 years.   

Joining Companion Connection Senior Care as a Membership organization with no royalties required of the members was the most cost effective and excellent means of learning how to successfully and profitably run our Agency from start-up to ongoing operational ease.  Due to learning from the experts in what works and what does not work through the training and mentoring process, and having accessibility to the Companion Connection Leadership team when necessary, we were able to accelerate our learning curve in achieving success much more rapidly.   We have never looked back at our decision to join Companion Connection Senior Care unless only to reaffirm our decision was the right one and happy we made it.  

Because of Companion Connection Senior Care, we are realizing the greatest reward of our careers by assisting our clients at a level that no other Home Care Agency in our market has achieved.  We wake up every day fulfilled and thankful for our experience and looking forward to continuing our membership with Companion Connection for many years to come!
Beverly H. Savage, CSA


I started researching the home healthcare industry in late 2012. My wife had experience as nurse and my daughter had experience working for a large home healthcare franchise. They asked me to help them launch the business.  

I spent several months contacting the large home healthcare franchise companies and began reviewing their policies and contracts. After speaking with many of the representatives, I was disappointed in the territories available as well as the restrictive nature of their territorial polices. After reading the franchise contracts, I realized that I could spend the next 10 years growing the franchise brand without any guarantees of the having the contract extended. 

With very little brand awareness, these franchise companies demanded $50,000 upfront and 6% royalty of my gross revenue. One major franchisee offered me two remote towns in our area and acted as I should be grateful  to have the  offer.

After more research and frustration, I found an article featuring David Goodman, President of CCSC. I went to their website and found his number. I was surprised when David answered the phone. I learned that David had been in the business for over 25 years. He built a successful home healthcare in NJ and then started an association to support others who were interested in starting they own business. His association was an excellent alternative to the franchises. We could grow our own brand and not have to pay high fees when the we starting our business. We could exit the association at any time.

David’s expertise was extremely helpful during our decision-making process. He is passionate about his business and was genuinely interested in helping us succeed. The advantages of joining CCSC were numerous. CCSC offered us help with licensing, operational  manuals and forms, training and access to vendors who were familiar with the industry and offered discounts to CCSC members. We would be given access to industry experts and other members of the CCSC association who were at various stages of growing their businesses. We wanted to grow our own brand and CCSC gave us the tools to do so. It was an easy decision.

After the contract was signed, I was pleasantly surprised that CCSC delivered on their promises. They have a great staff who helped me through the training and helped launch our company.

As we enter our third year, we are providing about 2,500 hrs per week of care. CCSC and David Goodman and CCSC have been there for us as we face the many challenges of growth. 

We consider ourselves fortunate to have found and partnered with CCSC. We truly appreciate the support, leadership and guidance they have provided to our company. 
George J. Patterson



Once we decided to pursue home care, we began researching the home care franchise opportunities offered by so many companies. Everyone had a plan to get you started and the promise of great support with lots of stories of success. When we started to break down the numbers, one thing continued to arise, those opportunities are expensive. Not just to start, but from an ongoing basis as well. When I read the Franchise Disclosure Documents, I began to feel as though I was going to be spending a lot of our money to run someone else’s business according to their wishes. Hardly the feel of being in business for yourself.

Once we began to research the Membership Model, it became clear it was a much better fit for us. After two weeks of evaluating our options we made the decision to go with Companion Connection. The number of agencies they had been involved with opening was greater than many of the franchise companies that were available to us. The multitude of options, for every aspect of startup,  that CCSC had available, for it’s members was a key factor in the decision to go with them. The live training program was very helpful in providing a solid foundation from which to begin. It was during training that we really began to fine tune our vision of what our agency would look like. Through the set up process, at every turn, there was someone with CCSC who’s experience was helpful when deciding which option fit our idea of how it should work. Now that we are through the set up process and are open for business, we have begun to utilize the knowledge and experience of the over 150 member agencies as we grow.  I am convinced we made the right decision to go with CCSC. I can’t imagine an organization that would have been more supportive plus we have maintained our independence and the ability to run our business as we wish. David Goodman and his team have built a business based on solid principals, fair dealing and a wealth of experience.
Robert Helms
Fort Worth, Texas



When we decided to start our non-medical company we felt we had a general idea of the market we would serve we did not feel we had the expertise and technical knowledge to launch our company with the level of professionalism we desired.  We looked at possible franchise opportunities but didn’t like the idea that we would be tethered to a corporate presence with limited ability to make our own decisions.  And while the “business in a box” franchise approach had a certain limited appeal, the ongoing ever increasing royalty fees did not. 

We found Companion Connection Senior Care and it seemed to be a much better business model from almost every perspective; the flexibility, the costs, and most importantly the knowledge offering.  Six years later I would say that our decision to become a member of CCSC was one of the best decisions we could have made.  They are everything they promise.  The training and  technical support are exactly what you need to get your business going and the on-going access to all the support materials, industry updates and the member forum is invaluable.  We are known for our professional approach to our business and that was accomplished in no small part because of our affiliation with CCSC.  And, by the way, we are now a $2million+ business!
Dona Barber

I first heard about Companion Connections after having attended another franchised agency’s informational meeting, who will remain nameless. I was very turned off by the franchise trainer being told I couldn’t do this or that because it was not allowed, transportation for instance. “You would need another side of your business for that.” Limits, roadblocks and ongoing fees was all I heard. Also, when I used a very well known acronym in the health care industry, “CCRC” and the speaker did not know what it was, I was very concerned. 

And, then I met David and Frank! No limits, just support and guidance. No ongoing fees, just a membership fee that is paid for with my software discount that they negotiated for me! No roadblocks, just a great road map to get my business off to a successful start. 

I remember sitting in training in New York and thinking “these guys really care and know what they are doing.” I had been in the health care industry for over 30 years and had been an administrator in many different venues. The training they provided was right on! They provide you everything on a disc, from forms to policies to instructional how to’s and you can change it any way you want. They give you all the tools that they have found to be successful and are tried and true. They kept saying “This is your business. Do it your way.” That is what I wanted to hear. 

When I had a concern about my financials early on they actually asked to see my financials and we would conference call and discuss them line item by line items. Now that is support! 

Once I had a question so I left David a voicemail, “When you get a minute please give me a call.” Notice this was non-urgent. He called me back and I heard a very rhythmic sound in the background. I asked David, “What is that?” He said “Oh sorry I am sitting on the beach on vacation but you called so I wanted to call you back.” Now that is service. 

Why do I stay a member with Companion Connections? I have been a member since 2006. I still benefit from the partnerships that they negotiate to both save me money and make me money. The conference calls keep me up to date an many important topics that continue to keep me on the leading edge. The list serve allows us to share ideas with others across the nation and these folks are not your competition so they are very honest. They create new forms and ideas as the industry changes, and it gives me an opportunity to talk with other folks that are getting involved in this industry. 

I guess it comes down to customer service. They perfected it on the service side and then brought that same philosophy to the membership side. I have never been disappointed with Companion Connections. I highly recommend them. 
Susan Jordan RN, BSN, MA

The team at Companion Connection has been amazing! Their response time to my questions is lighting fast and though I don't have as many questions today as I did when I started, I still find myself picking their brains on a regular basis. Anything I need, they will do for me, and they're always there for me. That's a good feeling because as an entrepreneur you can sometimes feel all alone. Companion Connection doesn't just teach you to make money, they really show you how to run this business. There is a level of integrity at Companion Connection that might not exist with other opportunities and I have found them to be invaluable to my success.
Stacy BenjaminOwner
Hackensack, New Jersey

David — The Training you and your team of experts provided this past week was excellent. After researching non-medical health care opportunities for over 7 months you more then exceeded our expectations. My wife and I were certain the only way we could have a chance of being successful was to purchase a franchise... That would have been a major mistake!

Anyone considering starting a non medical health care company as a career move MUST talk to you LAST! You saved my wife and I a tremendous amount of time and money with a systematic approach to a very service oriented business.

Thank you again. We will be in touch.
Joe and Mariela McCarrie
Medford, NJ

Thanks for everything you guys do. You don't know how helpful you have been to our business.
Jeffrey DillonDirector
Martinez, CA

Before becoming a member of Companion Connection Senior Care and founding my business, I worked as a social worker in New York City. With two young children, I decided to I no longer wanted to commute every day and opportunities for social workers in New Jersey were not ideal. If I was every going to open my own business, I decided now was the time. I liked the idea of helping people-after all, I was a social worker-and saw the growth potential in the at-home senior market.

I didn't want to re-invent the wheel and found Companion Connection's business system to be very comforting. I knew it was going to allow me to run a business with freedom, bu also with the support I wanted.

Senior care is an unbelievable industry to be involved in. I have caregivers in hospitals, nursing homes and private homes. My clients find that it is more affordable to hire us than put their loved ones in a facility. This allows their parent or relative to stay in the comfort and dignity of their own home, where family members can spend quality time with them while leaving the errands, chores and stress to us.

Companion Connection Senior Care wants me to be successful by making my goals happen, and if that means spending part of my day with my children, then they're happy if I can do that. They never, ever pressure me, nor do they take a portion of my profits. I have and will continue to recommend Companion Connection to anyone who is interested in running a senior care business. It's been a great run!
Stacy BenjaminOwner
Hackensack, New Jersey


I know a couple of people in my area who started their business by hiring consultants. They're not in business any more. You don't have to reinvent the wheel-The Companion Connection team has done it and is still involved in it so they know the problems, and if you have a problem they've already seen it. With franchises, the better you do, the better they do. That doesn't seem fair.
Laurie MillerOwner
Carollton, Texas


I had worked in the home care business for 20 years in Israel. After I sat in the training session with David Goodman in Florida, I knew that everything he was telling us was true. I was very impressed.
Daniel KrausFounder
Stamford, CT


I was set to buy a franchise in this industry, but once they could tell I was going to be high maintenance, they turned me down for a franchise agreement. I should send them a thank you letter. When I found out, I went out on a four mile run. I was not happy-I was thinking, Do they know who they just turned down? When I got back from the run I decided to do it on my own, but I knew I needed some help. This eventually brought me to Companion Connection Senior Care. I have been very happy with my decision.
Tyler SutliffFounder
Austin, TX


The training was really excellent...I feel that I have a very good chance to be successful in this business.
Kevin MeaneyFounder
Bayside, NY


When we came out of training, we were ready to hit the ground running
Gregory PalmaFounder
Philipsburg, NJ


For starters, I did not want to be restricted by joining a franchise. Freedom was the number one thing, yet I wanted the kind of knowledge that an organization like Companion Connection provides. I had looked at another membership organization, but was turned off when they asked what a CCRC was.
Susan JordanFounder


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